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I’m Ashvini Sivakumar, a Malaysian-born and London-based designer, who has just recently graduated with a Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding degree from London College of Fashion. I’m a multi-disciplinary image maker and slightly obsessed film enthusiast, with a focus on branding, typography, visual merchandising and website design; including a background in digital media and creative writing. 


I love getting lost in art, books, fashion, movies, music and weirdly in cities too; so it shouldn’t be a surprise to find my work filled with culturally and politically inspired ideas from my own personal experiences. I’m also a self-proclaimed walking contradiction, but give me pizzas and a cliche vampire movie marathon and I’ll be your best friend. I’m a Taurus, after all.


Contact me at if you would like to collaborate or

just want to chat about how great a film ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ is!

MENAMEISASH is a personal blog/portfolio I created whilst I was a bored high schooler spending my time on the Interwebz and has since evolved into a personal brand. Its name derives from an inside joke between my friends about how I used to introduce myself.