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beyond FASHION is a response to a project brief set out by London College of Fashion (LCF) and Westfield Stratford in order to celebrate LCF's move to Stratford. The brief encouraged students to create a space for creative collaboration that showcased LCF's talents whilst encouraging interaction between the two communities.

beyond FASHION is a multifunctional space that will serve as an educational and social space, linking the diversity within both the Stratford and London of College communities with the innovation with the fashion industry. The aim of the space is to create a tranquil setting for individuals to explore and learn about the fashion industry, and how it is an industry built on passion, innovation and creativity rather than through the superficial lens that it is shown through in media.

beyond FASHION will also present individuals with the chance to get involved with free classes, talks and workshops linked to selected London College of Fashion research centres. Whilst serving as an educational and social space, it will additionally be a space that promotes and showcases artworks from international LCF students whose works and cultures are rarely represented in the industry, and be an area where diversity is proudly showcased so individuals will have the opportunity to observe their own cultures being portrayed and recognizes that the fashion industry is not an exclusive club.

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