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The following editorial entitled “BINARY” (which is a play on the word non-binary by putting a double strikethrough to represent the that it’s not binary) deals with a current hot issue, not only in fashion but in other aspects of life: gender fluidity.

It, in a way, explores the way individuals deal with having to go through this time when sexuality and gender becomes a huge question mark in their life and they start to question everything they thought they once knew about their selves.

The editorial looks at an individual’s personal exploration of sexuality and self through dress, in a suburban community where it is frowned upon. It takes place in the individual’s room to resemble the internal struggles of coming to terms with who they are since it is hard to explore it in the open in this circumstance.

The final images show the frustration of this internal struggle to find one’s true self, and at the same time show the contradiction and yet seamless way of dressing; through genderless styling.

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