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Jw anderson

SS19 show SET


Whilst I was on placement with the Creative Media team at JW Anderson, I had the opportunity to work alongside the team and Holmes Production on the design of their Women's Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer '19 show set. It consisted of researching and sourcing vintage wrought iron gates, managing orders and deliveries of said gates, as well as mapping which gates matched to create a cohesive and exciting combination that would later be soldered together. This eventually resulted in a mesh of weathered and intricately detailed wrought iron gates that speckled the maze-like design of the seating plan, creating a lightly rustic and almost gothic feeling to minimal space without overpowering the main attraction - the Women's Spring/Summer '19 collection. 

All work shown above is the property of JW Anderson in its entirety.

I simply assisted in the production of such.

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