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This report looks at Generation Y females using primary and secondary research emphasising on their needs, motivations and behaviours for shopping. As the Generation Y segment, also known as 'Millenials', contributes to a large sector of the shopping population, the report focuses on the 'hip-ennials' segment by specifically considering their personalities and psychographics. The secondary research points to the hypothesis that hip-ennials belonging to Generation Y females place huge importance on accessibility and convenience while shopping. They are happy and comfortable with technology replacing human interaction if it makes certain processes quicker and easier. Moreover, the research also indicates that they are the most technologically savvy generation.

The main aim of this report was to investigate the consumer behaviour of hip-ennials in regards to convenience and how this could be applied to improve the overall atmospherics of Urban Outfitters. It additionally sought to explore and evaluate the shopping behaviourisms of the niche millennial consumer group in relation to convenience and efficiency; in order to recommend and instate a plan for Urban Outfitters to fulfil their target consumer's needs and increase store sales.

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